Restaurant, Bar, Hotel Menus

Our menus are printed on high-quality 400gsm silk artboard, choose either gloss or matt laminated finishes, full colour process both sides. Our Restaurant, Bar, Hotel Menus are available in A3, A4 and A5 formats. Folding options include tri-fold, half-fold or long (single leaf).

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Restaurant, Bar, Hotel Menu Printing

Grab your guest's attention – and whet their appetite – with high-quality full-colour menus.

Entice your guests with dazzling dishes displayed with our custom-designed menus. List all your dishes and prices, alongside your brand and logo and even use appetising photos of your dishes.

Menu Folds

  • Roll-fold Menus: A menu with 2 scores, giving six separate panels to display your menu. Ideal to stand proud on tables.
  • Long Menus: A flat sheet of board the same size as one panel of a tri-fold menu. An ideal choice for smaller menus
  • Half-Fold MenusA menu with one score, giving 4 separate panel.

Menu Paper Stocks

Our menus are printed on either 300gsm or 400gsm card stocks

Menu Lamination options

Our menus come in 2 different lamination finishes, choose from either; Matt or Gloss Laminations