Labels on a roll printing

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Labels on a roll

Get stuck in with our range of printed labels on a roll.

  • 15 specialist materials for professional labelling
  • Sizes 10x10mm up to 300x300mm, cut to any shape and printed in full colour
  • Supplied on a roll with a 76mm core
  • Choose from either paper or polypropylene. Paper labels give a hand-finished effect, while polypropylene is a versatile plastic with high durability
  • UK shipping is free, exceptions apply
  • Materials suitable for all kinds of sitckers and labels
  • What shape do you require?
We offer all shapes! Select Circle, Square, Rectangle or Custom. If you would like a circle or a square then please ensure your dimensions are equal e.g. width = 20mm and height = 20mm. Circles, Squares and rectangles no longer require cutting guides. Please only supply a cutting guide if you are printing a custom shape.

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Label printing

Manual Application Options:

Depending on how your label is being applied, you may need to consider the gap you need between the labels and the orientation/direction the label comes off the roll. For example, if they are being cut to individuals, you can increase the distance between each label to make it easier to cut.


You can choose which way your design comes off the roll, making it easier for people to apply.

Roll size:

The drop-down menus will change according to the style of sticker or label you choose so you’ll only see sizes that work for the size of label you have selected.

The number of labels across the roll will depend on the size of the label, the orientation and the roll size selected. Our manufacturing process is designed to fit as many across the roll as possible to fully utilise the material. If you choose the smallest possible roll size available (depending on other selections) the labels will usually be supplied 1up, however there are exceptions on smaller label sizes (approx 25-44mm) which will be a minimum of 2up. If you choose a larger roll size then the number of labels across the roll will be greater.

Are you looking for an extra finish such as hot foil?

We offer Gold or Siver Hot foil stamping on to some of our papers. We also can apply a raised gloss varnish to really help your label stand out. Simple select the one you require and tell us where to apply it in your print files.

Please note: Special finishes are only available on our largest (33cm) roll.

Varnished or laminated finish printed labels on a roll?

Our labels come with a protected anti-scratch varnish as standard but if you want to up the ante for an impregnable finish you can add a matt or gloss lamination to them.

What exactly is mirror printing?

If you are printing on transparent materials, you can select mirror printing as an option so that the labels can be applied to the inside of a window for viewing from the outside.

Need to print in white ink?

That's no problem. White ink is used as an underpin which effectively means that it acts as an undercoat to make colours appear solid or it can be used on its own as part of your design.

Your artwork will speak for itself on this, so please follow the instructions in the artwork guide at the bottom of this page.

Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly option?

For the most environmentally friendly label option, choose either natural white paper or uncoated paper. The labels are unlaminated, therefore can be recycled when applied to a cardboard or paper product.

Our Polypropylene (PP) labels can be recycled provided they are affixed to either a polypropylene or a polyethylene product; both plastics can be recycled together.

Top tip for choosing printed labels based upon how simple they are to recycle:

For easy recycling, choose a label material that has a similar make up to the product or packaging that it is being affixed to. For example: Choose a paper label for paper or cardboard packaging. or a Polypropylene label for polypropylene or polyethylene packaging or product.

It is worth noting that laminated labels cannot be recycled. Label backing sheets also require specialist recycling facilities and subsequently are not widely recycled.


To discuss your requirements in detail or to request a bespoke quote please contact our lovely team by completing the form below.